Hi! I’m Adriane. I’m just a girl who believes the things you spend your money on should work as hard as you do. I fell in love with LipSense and into a world of SeneGence products and it changed my life! That sounds dramatic, but seriously, *boom* <queue fireworks and music> changed.

I was going through the motions in life when a friend started selling LipSense. In order to support her, I said I would buy a tube. In the week it took for us to meet up, I started doing research. What was LipSense? Who makes this stuff and why would I pay $25 for lipstick?! Then I tried it.

My questions were answered. LipSense is pigment suspended in cosmetic-grade alcohol (not lipstick or lip stain) and practically magic. SeneGence makes it, along with a ton of other amazing products it turns out, in Oklahoma with vegan products and no animal testing. And I didn’t pay at all for lipstick before. I used whatever came as a free gift with purchase or just wore Blistex/Chapstick/etc. Why would I spend any money on lipstick?! It just comes off, gets on your teeth, clothes and cups, and makes my husband wince/wipe when he kisses me. So that answer is DON’T!

Don’t spend ANY money on lipstick. Spend a little extra for LipSense and get more product (1.74ml) that lasts longer and that doesn’t transfer. I absolutely, head-over-heels became enamored with how LipSense earned my trust. I put it on in the morning and no matter what I eat, when I smile or who I talk to, I know my lips look great. Plus, the ingredients make my lips healthier with hydration and no wax! The confidence, not to mention timesaving, that comes from that is nothing short of amazing.

And my raw, honest amazement must’ve shown through because women stopped me in the street, in the bathroom, everywhere to tell me how great my lips looked. And the minute I showed them they wanted it for themselves. After referring so many people to my friend, she said, “You could be making money doing this!” I wasn’t looking to do anything like that but it fell in my lap and something inside whispered, “You could do this.” And I did! Now people tell me my eyes light up when I talk about my business and I’m so proud that shines through.

With SeneGence products, you’re make-up is smudge-proof, kiss-proof and water-proof, and your skin will be better cared for than ever. Live your life while looking great–be KISSABLE, all day!

I’m so glad you’re here and hope to hear from you soon. Place orders, ask questions, get FREE samples, join my team and more by reaching out to me anytime.