Question 1. Who the heck are you, Adriane, and why should I buy make up from a stranger on the internet?

Answer 1. I’m just a gal wants to share the amazing feeling of confidence in the products you’re putting on your skin. I’m a working mom and I enjoy sarcasm and sleeping. You can only purchase SeneGence products through individual distributors and I’d love to be your personal SeneGence provider. I offer honest information, reliable promises, no advertising, no pressure and exceptional customer service.

Question 2: But I saw someone on Amazon/eBay/Wish/etc. selling it…and for cheap! Why can’t I just buy from them?

Answer 2: You could. It’s your money and your body and your decision. However, selling any SeneGence products through third party sites is against SeneGence compliance and is buy-at-your-own-risk. People who sell using these websites are usually selling counterfeit products, selling used products, taking money and never sending ANY product, or they are selling legitimate products but without the quality control, guarantees or customer service you get from me.

Question 3. What if I don’t wear make up?

Answer 3. You can start small with a natural look for make up or opt for amazing skin care items instead! I have plenty of make up that isn’t heavy or cakey or break-out inducing. But, I also have body wash, sunless tanner, perfume, solutions for dark underage circles, thin lips, fine/short lashes, brittle nails and acne, and more! Just talk to me about how I can help you love your skin–from everyday to special occasions, from costume/cosplay to performance art.

Question 4. Does the lipstick actually stay put?

Answer 4. Yep! But you don’t have to talk my word for it. You can watch my videos, talk to my customers, or meet up in person or virtually so I can show you and let you decide for yourself.

Question 5. What if I want to try it before I buy it?

Answer 5. Then let’s set it up! Email me to schedule a demo or have me mail you samples.

Question 6. What if I buy it and don’t like it?

Answer 6. All my products are backed up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like it for any reason, let me know! I can either help you troubleshoot, exchange or replace your product.